Jenn Shurkus

Jenn Shurkus Cape Cod Stamp set for Resilience Fund Cape Cod (CCRF) Card 1

Hi everyone!

Today i’ll be sharing one of my four cards i created for the Fund Raising of Cape Cod Resilience Fund. On may 19th, Jenn Shurkus did a call for help for the small business of Cape Cod during the COVID- 19 outbreak. I reached out and i was lucky to be chosen to help the small business of Cape Cod. During this week i will be posting cards i’ve created with this exclusive stamp set. Read below for more! 

Jenn Shurkus lives on Cape Cod and is raising money for the Cape Cod Resilience Fund. This fund will help small businesses on Cape Cod who are experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19. This fund will be around for the long run, and continue to help small businesses out in the future. YOU can help by purchasing one of Jenn’s exclusive Cape Cod stamp sets. For each set sold between June 15th- July 1st, $10 will be donated to the CCRF.

Another way you can help? Share this with your creative friends and help spread the word! More details can be found on Jenn’s site here:

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see more creativity with this exclusive stamp set!


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